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Transfer photos between two iPhones and/or iPod touches over bluetooth. Requires iPhone 3G or later or 2nd generation iPod Touch or later (Bluetooth data transfer cannot be supported on the original iPhone or original iPod Touch due to hardware limitations). Does not require any 3G or WiFi connection.

This is the best bluetooth photo sharing app out there!

Here are some features that make this app stand out:

  • Unlike some other photo sharing apps, Bluetooth Photo Share does not scale down or do any lossy compression of your photos before transferring.  In other words, the receiver gets the exact image that was in the sender’s photo library.
  • The receiver transfer screen includes a thumbnail preview of the photo AS IT IS BEING TRANSFERRED and a cancel button so that you can cancel the transfer if you decide you do not want it.
  • Shows a scrollable list of thumbnails and file sizes for all of the images that you have received.
  • Allows you to view your photo albums that your photos were saved in.  You would think this would be a trivial feature to add, however, if you look at the other apps, they do not allow you to do this.  (Apple has not provided an easy way for developers to add a photo albums viewer inside of applications).  We, however, have taken the time to essentially replicate the photos app behavior inside of Bluetooth Photo Share.

We also have some great new features in the pipeline that we hope you will really like.

Most of the time, the app works great.  However, when people experience problems, 99% of the time it is related to connecting with bluetooth, wich would be the same problem for any bluetooth App.  If you have any trouble connecting, please check our Support Section for troubleshooting information.

Note that if  you are trying to transfer photos from your old phone or to/from your computer, there is no way to do that on the iPhone with bluetooth.  If you need to do that, email Apple and tell them that feature is important to you.  We will be the first to implement that feature in Bluetooth Photo Share once Apple provides a mechanism for it.

Thanks for your support!